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Queens of Art has been founded by Roxana Pasca and Natalija Jeremic in 2018, joining years of experience in the domain of curating and art sales with their insatiable passion for art.

Queens of Art comes into play after the work has been done in the studio, the school premises or the intimate surroundings of your creating - we are here to help you promote your artwork, present it, organize it, shape it and make it accessible to collectors and art lovers.

The contemporary art scene is a market of struggle when it comes to accessing it, for emerging artists in particular, but it doesn't have to be so : together we can make the contemporary visual arts accessible to the public.

Queens of Art is a multidisciplinary art platform that spreads its web into the real world as much as it does online - the queens are here to provide an outlet for all forms of artistic expression.

Queens of Art invites artists of all ages and backgrounds to participate in the celebration of the arts in all of its forms and talent undividedly.


Roxana Pasca

After completing studies at La Sorbonne in Paris and graduating at Concordia University in Montreal, Roxana Pasca is ongoing to her fifth year journey as an Assistant Director at Galerie Images Boréales and a freelance Art Consultant. Her experience in sales and marketing merges accordingly with her passion for Art and new challenges.

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Natalija Jeremic

With a background in Fine Arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze and as of a business owner, 

Natalija Jeremic’s experience juxtaposes an artist's needs with a gallerists's 

point of view through communication 

and correspondence skills acquired 

through her art sales experience in Montreal.

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